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Wormwood | Alsem Wormwood | Alsem

Wormwood Alsem

Wormwood is a strong bitter herb, the main ingredient in Absinth. It has strong mental powers and is used in many forms of magic. 

Medicinal uses are calming and slightly... 
Elk flesje bevat 10 gram alsem.
Veel en langdurig gebruik leidt tot verslaving en kan giftig zijn! Gebruik maximaal 5 gram per keer. Hoge doseringen kunnen hoofdpijn en duizeligheid veroorzaken. Nog...
Cinnamon Chunks | Kaneelstukjes Cinnamon Chunks | Kaneelstukjes

Cinnamon Chunks Kaneelstukjes

[shortdesc]One of our all time favourite spices: cinnamon! It's sweet, warming, slightly spicy and super healthy. It's medical uses range from fighting bacteria and colds to killing pain and help... Elk flesje bevat 40 gram Cassia kaneel.
Ginger chunks | Gember stukjes Ginger chunks | Gember stukjes

Ginger chunks Gember stukjes

[shortdesc]Ginger is trending and we totally understand it! It’s warming, spicy and has many health benefits. Use it as a tea or while cooking to get the most out of... 
Elk flesje bevat 20 gram gember.
Anise | Anijs Anise | Anijs

Anise Anijs

[shortdesc]Anise is a sweet, warming spice and known for many dishes and candy for it's unique flavour. It helps when you have trouble breathing, is antibacterial and removes bad breath.... Elk flesje bevat 25 gram.
Malrove | Andoorn Malrove | Andoorn

Malrove Andoorn

[shortdesc]Malrove is a soft herb that can be used to help the digestion and stop inflammation. It's also a nervinum, meaning that it lowers your nerves and tension. Magically it's... Elk flesje bevat 10 gram.
Euphrasia | Ogentroost Euphrasia | Ogentroost

Euphrasia Ogentroost

[shortdesc]Euphrasia (or eyebright) is used to heal the eyes and remove eyebags. It helps with allergies and calms the mucous membranes. It's also slightly pain killing and fights inflammation. Magically... Elk flesje bevat 10 gram.
Lavender | Lavendel Lavender | Lavendel

Lavender Lavendel

[shortdesc]Beautiful and calming lavender. Medicinal it's used to calm down, help sleep, fights a cold, it's antibacterial, stabilizes blood sugar, fights cancer, stops headaches and inflammation. Magically it attracts love,... Elk flesje bevat 10 gram.  
Angelica | Engelwortel Angelica | Engelwortel

Angelica Engelwortel

Angelica is a sweet, refreshing spice that combines well with ginger. It’s a strong detoxer and strengthens the heart and liver. 

Magically it’s used to protect, remove curses and enchantments,... 

Verhoogt de bloedsuikerspiegel.
Cumin | Komijn Cumin | Komijn

Cumin Komijn

[shortdesc]Cumin is a warm spice and a strong antioxidant. It also stimulates the production of enzymes in the liver to help the digestion.Magically it's used keep you calm, stimulate loyalty,... Elk flesje bevat 20 gram.
Scabwort | Alant Scabwort | Alant

Scabwort Alant

[shortdesc]Alant is an aromatic herb that used to be used in fish sauce and liqours. It's antibacterial, helps breathing, stimulates digestion and appetite, helps against itching and infections. Is often... Elke fles bevat 25 gram.
Verbena Verbena

Verbena Verbena

[shortdesc]Verbena is a strong bitter herb with many healing and magical properties. We can't even list them all!Medicinally it's used to fight depression and migraines, helps recover from ilnesses, stimulates... Elk flesje bevat 15 gram
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